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We are so excited that you have an interest in tasting some agave spirits!

Our tastings last between one and two hours and are filled with a nice balance of tasting and information.

We come prepared to answer all your questions about agave spirits and you'll  leave the tasting knowing the basic history of tequila, mezcal and other agave spirits, as well as an understanding of the process of production.

You choose the location - we can come to your home or office, and we bring everything so you can relax while we treat you and your guests. We are looking forward to seeing you at a tasting soon!



All packages include the following:

  • Variety of taste samples of 100% agave spirits (tequila & mezcal)
  • Explanation of the history, classifications, and some interesting facts about traditional agave spirits from Mexico
  • Walk-through of the process of making mezcal and tequila (traditional vs industrial)
  • All glassware and tableware needed for the tasting
  • Free travel fee around Aarhus area. Please email us for a travel quote for locations outside of the Aarhus area.


This tasting is an excellent way to introduce tequila & mezcal to your group. We will try both, tequila and mezcal, which will allow us to slowly begin to notice the difference in flavors and aromas from these two different expressions of agave spirits. 

This tasting is designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation for these unique spirits. We will compare recipes from different producers, and most importantly, learn how to identify and connect with the flavors and aromas that each expression has to offer. We will use our senses and find out how delicious mezcales can be when treated right. Let these special spirits surprise you!

  • 299kr per person (minimum 6 people)


This is the perfect opportunity to taste a total of four carefully hand-picked, small-batch, and limited edition mezcales. This is for those who want to discover something new and exciting! 

We will discuss in detail  the recipes that each family has passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years, and how they are working hard in preserving their traditions. We’ll also look at  the diversity and life of the plants so we can continue enjoying these complex and unique spirits in the future. Impress yourself and your friends with this fun, educational, and delicious activity!

  • 399kr per person (minimum 6 people)



We travel to Mexico every year to stay in touch with what is happening in the agave spirits world, but most importantly, to maintain and strengthen our relationship with our producers. We love to educate ourselves and be part of the process of protecting and supporting these families so they can continue making these agave spirits. During these trips, we have the opportunity to try very small batch expressions or seasonal ones that are so small that only a few bottles are made, so we bring them to Denmark for our private collection. These tastings will be for those connoisseurs who want to try these unique and very exclusive jewels. We will bring three bottles that are not for sale on our website. We will release the information about the spirits at the time of the tasting (otherwise it won’t be a surprise!) Are you ready for this?

  • 599kr per person (minimum 6 people)      


mezcal & tequila tastings


for detailed overview of your options, write to us!

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