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Mezcal Del Amigo | 500ML

 Enrique Jimenez comes from a well known line of Mezcaleros in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. He is the maestro mezcalero for Fidencio Mezcal as well as Mezcal Del Amigo which is made from 100% estate grown maguey Espadin . 

The traditionally crafted mezcal is made in small batches and bottled undiluted, for that reason, each batch comes around 47%+ AVB offering an incredible value and friendly point of entry into the world of artisanal mezcal. As a testament to transparency, the details of production are proudly featured on the label of every bottle of mezcal.

Aromas of this production: Floral, mixed fruits and pastries on the nose. 

Flavours of this production: A lot of different flavours, hight notes of berries, lime, mixed with super floral and juice flavours of dried herbs and slightly salty finish.


  • Made by Maestro Enrique Jimenez
  • 100% maguey Espadin (Agave Angustifolia/ 8 to 10 years),
  • Santiago Matatlán ,Oaxaca
  • Roasted in truncated conical earthen oven 
  • Tahona crushed 
  • Fermented in open air sabino barrels with natural yeast using well water 
  • Double-distilled in Filipino style copper pot still  
  • 47% ABV

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Mezcal del Amigo Oaxaqueño 2022 | 500ml

Agave by Montiel

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